Kitchen Makeover, Kitchen Rules and Food Swaps

Before we can set you up for success during this detox, we need to get serious about what lurks in your kitchen.

Food is fuel, and the 14-Day Hormone Detox Program relies on a solid nutritional foundation to give you the right kind of energy for your day.

It’s time to give your kitchen a makeover.

You will set yourself up for success by preparing your environment to support your goals, creating a sacred space for healing in your home.

Plus, it’s a whole lot easier to avoid temptation if it isn’t sitting there on the shelf taunting you! No matter how much willpower you think you have, if you keep the junk, you will eat the junk.

We are going to create a safe space in your kitchen that encourages you to make the right food choices for your hormones by purging the hormone saboteurs such as:

red meats
sugar and sugar subs
high-glycemic fruits
grains and gluten

The only things we want to leave behind are things that will support your journey towards hormonal balance. And I will be right here to guide you and kick that guilt to the curb!

If you haven’t looked at your Kitchen Makeover Guide yet, it’s time to pull that baby out. It has everything you need to get started, from a list of hormone-sabotaging foods to a hormone-loving shopping checklist!

And always remember, when in doubt, toss it out, or hop over to the Facebook group and ask! I will be there with my team to support you!