How to Make a Green Smoothie

Green smoothies are my secret sauce! A staple in my diet since 2008, green smoothies are a must-have part of my mornings.

In my house, we have a green smoothie station set up and ready to go, and we always keep fresh greens and smoothie add-ins at-the-ready for our morning smoothies.

Eating smarter is something that I had to learn, but now green smoothies are habit for me instead of those sugary coffee drinks or diet sodas.

In one glass, you get a huge dose of protein, healthy fats, and fiber into your diet. And guess what is the perfect hormone-support trio? That’s right. Proteins, healthy fats, and fiber!

In your Quick Start Guide, you will find your meal plan and recipe guide filled with green smoothies. Blend ‘em up, suck ‘em down, and be sustained throughout the morning or afternoon. And it only takes 10 minutes, including prep and clean-up!

There are some green smoothie secrets though that I want to share with you to ensure yours become a staple part of your new nutritional routine.

Make sure to watch the video to learn my top tricks and tips on how to make the perfect smoothie and everything else you may need along the way!