Detox Smoothie and Supplement Demonstration

Have questions about how to use the Detox Kit and Supplements?

Check out this quick video above where I walk you through all the details step-by-step.

You’ll learn when to take your supplements, how to optimize your shake packets so you feel satisfied, and so many other important tips you don’t want to miss!

Following the 14-Day Detox Meal Plan and using the supplements is simple to do, and it’s the key ingredient to detoxifying your body, resetting your hormones, boosting your metabolism, and lowering your weight set point.

Can you do the Detox without the Kit or supplements? Yes. But you will see faster/better results with it.

These Detox tools will make the whole process so much easier and more effective to cleanse your body, reboot your liver, and transform your health (with virtually zero effort from you)!

If you haven’t already, grab a Detox Kit now! >>

**If you order too soon before the detox begins, it may not arrive by day one. That’s okay! You can get started with the other parts of the plan and add in your supplements as soon as they arrive and you’ll still achieve amazing results!**

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