Day 13: Tips for Loving Your Liver

Did you know that your hormone health depends on the health of your liver?

Your liver performs about 200 vital functions, each designed to help your body to thrive. Your liver is your body’s main organ of detoxification, filtering out toxins at a rate of over a quart of blood per minute.

The liver is also intricately involved with hormone health. It’s the liver’s job to metabolize hormone excesses that could lead to imbalance and disease. Estrogen that is not metabolized properly by the liver can be reabsorbed back into the body, creating potential problems.

Luckily, there are many ways to mitigate this and many of them are common sense good health practices. Considering the impact toxic overload has on the liver it is understandable why liver cleanses and detoxification diets are beneficial.

In today’s video I go into more detail about liver toxicity and how you can make the changes necessary to get it working optimally again.

It may seem there is no escaping all the toxins impacting the liver and hormone balance, however, by being aware of the culprits, as well as the ways to offset them, estrogen dominance can be eliminated and balance can be restored by supporting your liver and your body.


Dr. Mariza