Day 12: Optimizing Personal Care

Lesson Details

Toxins play a huge but often overlooked role in hormone imbalance.

As a woman it’s important to understand the harmful effects that toxic ingredients have on our bodies, especially in daily cleaning and personal care products.

There is now strong scientific evidence linking dangerous toxins and synthetics in cleaning and personal care products to chronic diseases such as reproductive toxicity, autoimmunity, allergies and cancer.

In today’s video we are talking about the relationship between toxins and hormone imbalance, specifically, what are called “endocrine disrupting” toxins first. These are chemicals that influence how the certain glands in our body make hormones.

Equally important to resetting your hormones with your fork, it’s important to take a look at what we are putting on our bodies.

In my first book on essential oils, The Smart Mom’s Guide To Essential Oils, I give you everything that you need to make over your cleaning, personal care and medicine cabinet.  It’s the perfect resource to get you started.

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