Congratulations! You’re nearing the end of your 14-Day Detox.

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Now that you’re nearing the end of your 14-Day Detox, it’s time to customize this program even more to continue your success for the long-term. Whether you stay on the detox for longer or decide to reintegrate other foods into your diet now, the first 2 weeks after your detox are critical.
I’m sure you have some questions about these next few weeks, so let’s dive right in!


Should You Continue the Detox?

Many people wonder if they can just continue the 14-Day Detox for another 14 days. Absolutely you can, though you don’t have to. It will continue to provide you with amazing results, even more than the first 14 days.

You are welcome to continue eating this way as long as you like, and transition into re-entry below when desired.


Take Stock of Your Accomplishments as You Finish the Detox

Remember to fill out the post-detox survey. (When you fill out this survey, you also score a $10 gift card at my supplement shop!)

You’ll want to repeat your measurements on day 15 to assess your weight loss and changes to your waistline. If you measured your BMI, be sure to recalculate that as well.

More importantly, take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Note any changes — your skin tone, how you look and feel in your clothes, the smile you give yourself when you see your success in such a physical way.


How to Handle Your Re-Entry Meal Plan

You’ll need at least 7 days for food re-entry, and possibly longer, depending on how your body responds. Now is the time to start adding back in foods one by one to see how your body responds. Don’t add them all back at the same time.

Plan to add one food back in every 3-6 days. I recommend using the 1-2-3 rule: eat the food once then wait a day, eat the food twice and wait two days, eat the food three times and wait three days.

Here is my recommended order for re-introducing foods: red meat, eggs, dairy, grains, gluten, sugar, and caffeine.

As you’re introducing foods, it’s important to be hyper aware of your body’s response to each. Jot down in your Food Journal what you notice, from mood, to digestion, to even bowel movements. Pay attention for the first couple of weeks, as you may not have a symptom until the food builds back up in your system.

For example, after my first 14-Day detox, I discovered that my body did not like gluten, certain dairy products, eggs and processed sugar when I added them back into my diet.


Supporting Your Body During Re-Entry

Your body has done some amazing work over the last 2 weeks, and as you get back into the swing of “normal” life, I’ve created some fabulous resources to make how you’re feeling NOW your new normal.


This guide is packed with simple, delicious smoothie recipes to help you stay energized and satisfied all morning long. Green smoothies are a secret weapon to maintaining your energy, weight loss, and other wins you’ve experienced over the last 2 weeks, and I recommend continuing them well after the detox is finished!

I’ve done a green smoothie for breakfast just about every morning for 8+ years, and I can’t even begin to describe how much they’ve helped me!

The secret to a green smoothie that replaces a meal is adding quality protein and fiber. They keep you full and energized while supporting continued hormone health and detoxification in the weeks to come!

If you’re starting to run low (or want it to try it for the first time), you can get my Essentially Whole Pure Daily Fiber and Paleo or Pea Daily Protein for 15% off in this limited-time Re-Entry Kit!

Think back to the biggest thing that drove you to try this detox in the first place. Was it a lack of energy? Stubborn weight? Hormone issues like disruptive PMS and hot flashes? Whatever it was, imagine a life without that ever coming back.

This powerful combo of supplements is a perfect, simple tool to make that your reality.

Adrenal Love protects your body from stress and promotes healthy energy from the cells up. Hormone Balance does exactly what it says—keeps your hormones in proper balance so you can feel your best! This duo is the ideal way to support healthy hormones and energy even when you’re not strictly following the detox!

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