Self-Care and Essential Oil Rituals

Do you ever forget to take care of yourself?

Me, too. We all do. Even when we feel like we are taking time for ourselves, our minds are often somewhere else. But this is a problem. When we stop prioritizing self-care, everything else follows suit.

Our time isn’t truly ours, and it causes a domino effect in the body—your confidence becomes depleted; your energy zapped; you could be operating in a mental fog, where it’s hard to focus on or care about anything.

I used to feel like self-care was selfish, and I have had other women tell me the same thing.

It’s important to understand that Self-care is NOT selfish. The objective isn’t self-indulgence, but rather healthcare.

Self-care IS healthcare.

But we are changing that right now.

During the 14 Day Detox, we will be incorporating self-care rituals into your morning and evening routine. They may seem like they aren’t important, but believe me when I say they are NECESSARY.

In fact, they are the umbrella for this entire detox. Everything we are doing is self-care!

Just for you, I will be sharing some of my go-to self-care rituals for you during the day in case you need a stress, mood, or energy reset… because, let’s be honest, it’s during the day in the midst of the chaos when we need that instant energy or a calming stress-free moment!

Don’t forget to look through your Quick-Start Guide, your 14-Day Daily Plan has built in self-care rituals for your morning, day, and night. In order to make this process seamless for you, I worked them right into the core of the program.

They are that important.

One of my big goals for you is to continue your self-care rituals even after your 14-days are over. Once you start to feel the benefits of daily self-care, you will love it as much as I do. You will feel the difference in your mood, energy, and stress levels…and sleep better, too!

The goal is to make them your new habits, your new rituals, your new normal.

I have also included supporting essential oil recipes and blends.

Why essential oils?

When you begin to establish self-care rituals, essential oils can act as a bridge for maintaining and supporting daily and weekly habits more easily. Plus, essential oils give you an instant WIN! This is a key pillar in my book, The Essential Oils Hormone Solution.

Essential Oils indulge your senses by deepening your moments of relaxation and rejuvenation. Essential oils act as adaptogens to support mood, hormones, immune system and overall homeostasis.

They can be both calming and energizing while supporting your body on a cellular level. Essential oils enhance your experiences and provide powerful health benefits to boot!

Plan to have them on hand throughout the day. I personally never leave the house without my hormone-loving oils.

If you don’t have essential oils yet, I want to invite you to purchase my specially-selected Hormone Trio Kit designed to provide instant success and to support you through this process.

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These special, hand selected trio of oils will help support you through the detox and are a secret weapon for reducing cortisol, getting better, more quality sleep, and managing detox symptoms!

This Trio includes an amazing blend to alleviate fatigue and brain fog, a blend designed specifically for hormone support, and a power blend that is specifically formulated to reduce stress and alleviate anxiety, worry, and mental chatter.

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I want to encourage you to also use other essential oils, because they will give you instant support. Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Wild Orange and Bergamot are the top five single oils that I always have with me to support me throughout the day.

I tell you specifically how to use your oils in the Quick-Start Guide. You can also learn in detail how to use essential oils for hormone support in my newest book, The Essential Oil Hormone Solution.

Lastly, I have a special addition to this course created just for you – the ultimate morning ritual to set the tone for your day and life.

My Five-Minute Self-Care Journal incorporates gratitude, affirmations, intention, and personal accountability for nourishing your body…all accomplished in just 5 minutes each day.

I can personally tell you after having one for years that it is an incredible way to start your day. You deserve to have the body and life that you desire, and the 5-Minute Self-Care Journal will help you to start each day with that goal in mind.

I want to invite you to start filling out your Five-Minute Self-Care Journal today! If you have the hard copy, simply get it out and spend 5 minutes filling it out.

If you have the PDF version, you can either print it out, or fill it out on the computer. Like everything else in this program, it is truly up to you as an individual.

Personally, I love a hard copy, because the act of writing in a journal gives permanence to my intentions and words. I have been writing in a journal for over 10 year and it has truly made all the difference in how I approach my day, and, in turn, my life.

I want you to feel excitement about making yourself a priority for 14-days and beyond.

But I also understand that it can be scary and daunting to begin something so new, something designed specifically for you as an individual, something that might change your life.

If you are feeling hesitant or scared, head on over to the private Facebook community and reach out to us. We would love to know how to support you during your prep week and the detox. And share with us how you are doing with your Self-Care, because Self-Care Is Healthcare!