Day 2: Why we are breaking up with Sugar

Congratulations! You are officially on to Day 2!

Day 1 is the hardest day to get through and you did it!

You have eliminated all of the hormone-disrupting foods you are moving forward. This is a huge WIN! Celebrate yourself, because YOU are now officially the CEO of your own health.

So tell me, are you feeling sluggish, irritable, and/or restless? Please know that this is completely normal. Take it easy and realize that you need to rest when you are able. Your body is going through a lot right now.

Give yourself grace.

You are making progress, establishing new rituals and rapidly rebooting your hormonal balance.

Now, more than anything, sticking to your Self-Care routines is so important. They are the glue that will hold this process together.

Have your essential oils with you for those emergency moments throughout the day.

When cravings hit, when someone hits an emotional button, when stress tries to get the best of you, when focus fades – reach for your oils. I cannot imagine going through a detox without my oils, which is why I integrated them into this program.

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Keep up the amazing progress and rely on your fellow Detoxers to support you through the rest of Day 2!