Day 1 – You Can Do This!

Today is the day!

The next 14-days will require commitment, discipline, and persistence, but support is right here waiting for you!

Not only will I be here through the whole process, but your amazing Facebook Detoxer Community is available any time throughout the detox.

AND, I have a specialized Team of Ambassadors to cheer you on and guide you throughout the entire program.

You’ll never be alone. We are doing this together!

This is an opportunity to reset and break the bad patterns that your body has clung to over the years.

This is all about you.

You are incredible, strong, and committed to your healing process. Make a promise to yourself that you will stay the course. Commit to all 14 days with me and your fellow detox warriors.

Watch today’s video to get started and I’ll see you in the Facebook group!


Dr. Mariza